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By leaving us a positive comment, each and everyone of you can help DharmaCast become an overall better PodCast. Trevor and I (Cody) are trying to decide whether or not we should move to libsyn to get more bandwith (since we are over our limit for the month), more storage space, and our own URL address. If you support our move, please leave us a comment saying so. Namaste.

P.S. Review and rate our PodCast on iTunes to help get our star ratings up! Tell otherr LOST fans about our PodCast!

Since, our bandwith for the month is almost up and it doesn't restart until the 6th on May, Trevor and I have decidd to not do a PodCast for this week (for the highlight episode, Reckoning) and instead, post a video that Cody made a couple of months ago, spoofing LOST. The next podcast will be available at the beginning of next week so eMail us your theories to dcast_theories@yahoo.com or call our DharmaCast VoiceMail at 206-457-1808 to leave a theory, brief comment or shout out. We are thinking about changing to libsyn next month and getting our own domain name if things keep up. So on behalf of the DharmaCasters and everyone involved in this very "ghetto" spoof of LOST, we introduce to you "Flight 42: Destination X" (which you can play below)! (By the way, we made this movie using no money whatsoever and the Digital Blue Movie Creator so don't yell at us if its really cruddy! Much Mahalo!) (Be sure to leave us a comment or eMail us on your thoughts of the short movie!)

Aloha! This is the new and improved DharmaCast! Its now better organized and the dead air/useless random talk has no been cut down to a minimum! In this episode, Cody and Trevor:

-Are better organized
-Discuss the latest news in the world of LOST
-Talk about three very interesting theories
-Share a very top secret DharmaCast project that is very cool and that listeners will be able to enjoy in the near future
-Are more enthusiastic
-Discuss "job openings" as well as the search for a "third co-host"

Listen and review/rate our 'improved' PodCast in the iTunes music store or leave us a comment on our site, www.dharmacast.podomatic.com! Much Mahalo!


Hey guys,

Thanks for listening to the show! We appreciate it. As of now, the show isn't the greatest so we're looking for people to help out with it. If you would like to help out and contribute, send us an eMail to DharmaCasters@yahoo.com and tell us how you'd be able to contribute. Trevor and I are also looking to possibly find a third co-host that is a LOST fanatic. So if you woud like to try that, send us an eMail with your Skype name and we'll skype you sometime. (If you dont have skype, you can downlaod it here: www.skype.com. Thanks guys! Remember, you can also help out a lot by rating and reviewing us on iTunes. Aloha and Mahalo.

In this third episode of DharmaCast, Cody and Trevor try to get through another LOST discussion. They succeed. Cody and Trevor talk about:

-What happened in "S.O.S."
-The easter eggs found in "S.O.S."
-What they think will happen in future episodes of LOST
-The one and only, Henry Gale
-The Dharma Initiative
-Some interesting theories
-Dr. Marvin Candle and his "left arm"
-The Dharma Initative and Hanso Foundation website
-The Oceanic Airlines website
-Random things that do not pertain to LOST

This is getting a little better but just to warn you, Cody does talk a little louder and Trevor is a little bit softer so bear with us. It is overall a better episode. eMail us your theories to DCast_Theories@yahoo.com. Write a review and rate us on iTunes! We would really appreciate it. We're still working on our editing skills so if you would like to help us, eMail us at:

Want to be heard on DharmaCast? Then call the official DharmaCast Voice Mailbox and leave a brief comment, question, theory or shout out! Our number is:


For those of you who tried downloading the third episode earlier but couldn't because there was no audio file, we re-uploaded the third episode and is working perfectly now! If you have any questions or concerns, eMail us using the address above. Enjoy!


Everybody watch LOST Wednesday on ABC! Then email us your theories about the show! When we get them, we'll read them on the PodCast and discuss them! The DharmaCast VoiceMail-Box is coming real soon! Check back for more details.

In this second episode of the new and highly unsuccessful DharmaCast, Trevor finally joins us. Cody and Trevor: -Introduce themselves -Talk about the format of the show -Talk about "Dave" -Discuss Cody's highly "Intellectual" LOST theories -Discuss Trevor's highly "Un-Intellectual " and Very "Random" Hawaiian Vegitables theory -Thank very important people -Thank very retarted and idiotic people -Don't crack any Brokeback Mountain jokes -Announce the song, or songs, of the week -Talk about a boy named "Kitchen" -Wrap-up the show in a very cool and 50-Cent kind of way -Have a bloopers segment with "Yo' Mom" edit- just posting the podcast onto odeo. My Odeo Channel (odeo/56a306ed2dac3b06)

This was our first pocast ever and its kinda crappy so bear with us. IT'LL GET BETTER, WE PROMSIE! Only Cody could record today so Trevor wasn't in it so that was a big part of the reason why its so bad. In this episode, Cody:

-Introduces himself
-Talks a little a bit about "Dave"
- "Attempts" to discuss a theory but doesn't work out since he's the only one hosting this episode
- Talks about some easter eggs and clues from "Dave"
-Complains a lot about how bad this first episode is

So sit back, relex, put your earphones in and ENJOY! We promise DharmaCast will get better! We guarantee it!


An Intro to the PodCast. We simply talk about what wthe podcast will be about and we ask you, our listeners, what you guys would like to hear. SO THIS IS NOT THE FIRST EPISODE! THE FIRST EPISODE IS COMING REAL SOON! If you have any suggestions, email them to us at: DCast_Suggestions@yahoo.com
Thanks a bunch!
Cody and Trevor


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